Microsoft 365 Roadmap – Updates to Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap – Updates to Microsoft Teams

With the New Year 2021 we welcome new excitement, new beginnings, new energy, and new ideas. We hope this year would bring a new spark of success in everyone’s life. With the New Year, Microsoft 365 Roadmap is live! Let us explore what Microsoft has got for all of us.

This content piece highlights latest updates to Microsoft Teams.

New file sharing experience Streamline sharing with Microsoft Teams. You can now create a shareable link for any file stored in Teams and directly set the appropriate permissions. Additionally, you can also set permissions for files stored in SharePoint or OneDrive while composing a private chat or starting a channel conversation. Meeting recording storage for areas where Stream is not available Teams meeting recordings are currently disabled for customers whose Teams data is stored in-country, if Microsoft Stream is not available in that country. A new admin setting will allow customers to turn on meeting recordings if Microsoft Stream data residency is not yet in country. If this setting is turned on, Teams meeting recordings will be saved in the data center closest to the region. Bulk policy assignment Policies allow administrators to efficiently control the Teams features available to their users, now administrators can apply policies in a batch for up to 50K users. Android On-Demand Chat Translation Inline message translation will ensure that every worker in the team has a voice and facilitate global collaboration. With a simple click, people who speak different languages can fluidly communicate with one another by translating posts in channels and chat. This feature will now be available on Android. Suggested Replies Suggested Replies functionality shows an option of 3 different responses for a user to choose from for select messages. Users can quickly reply to a given message by tapping on a suggested reply. New experience for launching instant channel meetings for GCC customers Meet Now buttons in Teams channels will have a new home. You will soon find them in the Channel header where you can easily find and launch the meeting. Improved Teams meeting join launcher experience for GCC customers Users who click on a Teams meeting join link will now see an optimized and improved join experience. Users will be prompted with an option to join on the web, download the Teams client, or join with the native teams client. This will result in faster & more confident meeting join. New lobby setting: only the organizer joins the meeting directly A new lobby setting is coming to Teams Meeting Options. We are adding "Only me" as an option to the "Who can bypass lobby?" setting. Once enabled, only the organizer will be able to join the meeting directly. Everyone else, including people from within the same organization, will be sent to the lobby. Increase in the number of simultaneous videos in Teams meetings for GCC High and DoD customers We are increasing the number of participants who can be viewed simultaneously on the Teams meeting stage from 4 to 9. This new experience optimizes for attendees who have enabled video and places the remaining audio-only participants below the meeting stage. To provide a high audio and video quality experience, the layout logic will consider user bandwidth and alter the number of videos shown to provide the best meeting experience. Support for native device camera and location capabilities for Personal apps and tabs App developers will be able to use mobile native capabilities like capturing an image through camera and providing location coordinates through GPS. Stay tuned with us for a series of such updates on different Microsoft products. Contact Us us for your queries. Happy Reading!!
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