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Hire Azure Solution Architect

Dedicated Azure Solution Architect

Looking to Hire Azure Solution Architect?

Looking For Azure Solution Architect To Enhance Your Product Development Skills

Our technological environment is rapidly evolving, while business requirements are rapidly changing. Companies must rely on specialist talents to stay up with the digital transformation and match their company strategy with new technology solutions. This is where IT architects like azure solution architect, come into picture.

An Azure Architect, also known as an Azure Solutions Architect, is a Cloud Architect who creates Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions. An Azure Architect is a senior technical practitioner with at least 10 years of expertise creating and managing software.

At PSSPL, our azure solution architects can work as an extension of your company and get you the work done with azure cloud service architecture.

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    hire azure solution architect

    What we do

    What Can a Business Get By Hiring Azure Cloud Solution Architect?

    Businesses that want to use Azure will need the help of an Azure cloud architect. These professionals are employed to evaluate company difficulties and find appropriate end-to-end cloud-based solutions. They're in charge of:

    • Creating architecture road maps
    • Deploying Azure resources
    • Transferring data from traditional database systems to Azure databases
    • Improving processes and structures within SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
    • Reporting on future improvements

    Hire Azure Experts

    Simple Steps to Hire Azure Solution Architect

    To get started on your project, hire expert Laravel developers in easy steps. Whatever your needs are, PSSPL can help you improve your team with skilled developers.


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    Add In Your Team

    Get dedicated Azure Solution architect for your team

    Whenever you are looking to hire Azure cloud solution architect check-out the following skills:

    Skills as an Architect and Designer

    Skills as an Architect and Designer

    An Azure certified cloud architect should have a strong understanding of solution architecture and design to meet requirements.

    Strong Analytic Abilities

    Strong Analytic Abilities

    A Microsoft Azure cloud solutions architect should be able to use analytics successfully during the design, problem-solving, and architectural stages.

    Adherence to Architectural Standards

    Adherence to Architectural Standards

    A Microsoft cloud solution architect must be familiar with architectural standards and have the ability to adopt global product-specific requirements.

    Outstanding Leadership Abilities

    Outstanding Leadership Abilities

    Azure cloud solution architect must be able to lead a team of architects and provide technical leadership.

    Risk Mitigation Ability

    Risk Mitigation Ability

    A Microsoft cloud solution architect should be able to detect, communicate, and mitigate risks and obstacles throughout the project's lifecycle.

    Engagement Models for Hiring Azure Solution Architect

    Below are our engagement models that can help you save money by hiring our remote azure solution architect and at the same time providing an unmatched level of control.

    Part Time


    • 4 hours a day
    • 30 Days Minimum
    • Agile Methodology
    • Communication via
      Telephone, Chat, and Email
    • Track your Project via
      Jira, Daily Reports,
      Redmine, Basecamp, etc

    Full Time


    • 8 hours a day
    • 30 Days Minimum
    • Agile Methodology
    • Communication via
      Telephone, Chat, and Email
    • Track your Project via
      Jira, Daily Reports,
      Redmine, Basecamp, etc



    • Hourly basis
    • 25 Hours Minimum
    • Agile Methodology
    • Communication via
      Telephone, Chat, and Email
    • Track your Project via
      Jira, Daily Reports,
      Redmine, Basecamp, etc
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