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Microsoft Azure

Check-out our insightful blogs on Microsoft Azure. From deployment to management, explore insights shaping the future of cloud technology.

azure copilot

Microsoft Unveils Copilot for Azure

In a significant breakthrough, Microsoft has introduced Copilot for Azure, an advanced AI assistant meticulously crafted to aid IT professionals in optimizing their workflows and elevating overall efficiency. Harnessing AI, this state-of-the-art tool transforms IT teams’ methodologies, providing insightful guidance and support for handling and
azure synapse vs snowflake

Azure Synapse vs. Snowflake: A Comprehensive Analysis

In the swiftly advancing realm of data analytics, organizations continually search for potent and scalable platforms to unlock the complete potential of their data. Statista projects a substantial increase in global data production, capture, replication, and consumption, expecting to reach 64.2 zettabytes by the year
azure ai services

Introduction to Azure AI Services

AI, a term we all know well, is revolutionizing business and customer interactions. Moreover, Microsoft Azure streamlines IT application development and management with an extensive array of cloud services. Additionally, a stunning set of artificial intelligence (AI) services are hidden within this extensive service offering.
azure synapse analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics: A Comprehensive Overview

Unlocking Azure Synapse Analytics: Are you struggling to extract meaningful insights from vast data troves in your organization? Did you ever have a chance to delve into the realm of cloud-based analytics services? These services are nothing but game-changers when it comes to fulfilling your
microsoft azure databricks

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Azure Databricks

In the realm of business decision-making, the pivotal role is now played by data-driven approaches, which have become integral to companies across various industries. To make informed decisions, companies leverage the power of Data Analysis and Big Data. Enormous quantities of data are sourced from
power bi services

Comparing Power BI Dataflows and Azure Data Factory

In the realm of data integration, data prep, and data transformation, Microsoft offers multiple paths for enterprises. Among these options, Power BI Dataflows and Azure Data Factory stand out as popular cloud-based solutions. This post delves into the seamless integration between Power BI Services and
microsoft cloud marketplace

Microsoft Cloud Marketplace Shifts to Partner Center

Control of the cloud marketplace shifts to Partner Center This knowledge will be useful to you if you build deals for Azure Marketplace or AppSource. Cloud Partner Portal functionality will transition to Partner Center in the coming weeks. Publisher accounts will be enabled in Partner
microsoft inspire

Microsoft Inspire 2020

Microsoft’s Inspire 2020 came to closure yesterday on 23rd July. From Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster to Microsoft’s executive vice president for worldwide commercial business, Judson Althoff and many such big names participated in the event. In-spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic
microsoft azure marketplace

What Is Commercial Market Place?

The Commercial Marketplace Portal is intended to assist you with adapting your items and administrations, arrive at clients, and develop your business. In this documentation, we will cover the essentials of making and utilizing your Partner Center record, making new Software as a Service (SaaS)