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What is ReactJS?

Is ReactJS beneficial for your business?

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the finest JavaScript libraries well-known for its high-performance, extensible, and adaptable nature. ReactJS services make UI components that work on both iOS platforms and Android.

ReactJS provides rich user interfaces and writing web components.

The framework offers component reusability, making development simpler, faster, and more scalable. With the virtual DOM implementation, ReactJS becomes the ideal choice for developing a variety of performance-intensive and complex applications with enormous flexibility. With this open-source framework, ReactJS developers can plunge into providing high-end mobile app and web development solutions as per your business requirements.

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Why ReactJS

This framework is useful to scale up your business by providing an array of features like:

Responsive UI

Get a responsive UI that perfectly suits multiple devices, operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions with React JS.


React JS offers great performance and a large amount of flexibility due to the framework, which creates a virtual DOM where its components exist in.

Component Reusability

This framework comes with a wide array of components that can be reused and shared multiple times.

Developer Tools

App development becomes much easier with the React JS framework as it offers many out-of-the-box development tools.

Easy to Learn

Due to it's easy to learn JavaScript library React JS supports projects to easily develop and maintain.

SEO - Compatible

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, React JS is SEO compatible as page content can be reorganized by re- rendering only that component.

Zero Dependency

React JS offers complete flexibility so that you can check it on a small feature in an existing project. This leaves no chance for any assumptions about the rest of your technology stack.

Easy Testability

The applications made up on the React JS framework are easy in testing and its different outlooks can be regarded as functions of the state.

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