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Microsoft Teams – A Hub for Teamwork

With employees accessing unsanctioned SaaS applications, dozens of ways to share files, and multiple communication channels, the modern workplace presents many challenges for teamwork. The good news is that you already have the solution: Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Today,

installing custom connector blog

Steps for Installing Custom Connector

Steps to Create a custom connector for a web API Now you can create your own custom connector and you can also submit it to Microsoft to publish and make it available for all the regions. Unlike the SharePoint Apps, Custom Connector don’t provides the

sharepoint online

SharePoint Online – Create Flows Easily

Basic invoicing management application is created for one of my customers on their SharePoint Online. Customer, invoices and payments are stored in three separate lists as required. For one customer, there can be one or more invoices. For one invoice, there can be one or


Key Takeaways of Microsoft Lists from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite commenced on 22nd September 2020. It’s a three- day event from Sept. 22-24. Our team at Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was excited to attend the event. The event is running online and free, you can join any time: To accommodate people

trends in sharepoint and microsoft365

Top 5 Trends in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Some of the most popular software applications worldwide are Office 365 and SharePoint. These products were created by Microsoft as a connected set of tools to aid in the quicker and more effective completion of tasks in the modern office. Microsoft SharePoint makes it possible

power apps integration

Power Apps Integration Benefits for Your Organization

Although you may have heard of Microsoft Power Apps, you may not be quite aware of what they are or how your company may use them. Let’s first begin with: Microsoft Power Apps: What are they? Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code, cloud-based development platform

power bi

Advantages of Implementing Power BI

Power BI Consulting Services, the term has become very common nowadays. Business intelligence is one of the most important components in the pursuit of agility, competitiveness, and efficiency, as we all know. Managing data, that is created regularly gets more difficult as a firm grows.

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Hire us as your SharePoint Development Provider in USA

Are you looking to track progress, automate your business processes, and securely share information across departments? Then you are reading the correct piece of content. SharePoint is your solution and if you are looking to hire the best SharePoint development agency in the USA or

microsoft power fx

Microsoft Power FX: What is it and why is it important?

Maximize your business productivity Are you looking to multiply your business productivity? Yes, you heard it right. This content piece is a walk-through around Microsoft Power FX and its impact. Microsoft Power FX was launched by Microsoft at the Microsoft Ignite, 2021. What is Power

sharepoint intranet

SharePoint Intranet

Helping your remote teams to work better Have you ever wondered? What do you need in your intranet? What are your corporate objectives for the Intranet? What exactly do you want to achieve? Across the globe, COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and it has