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Author: Yuvraj Raulji

react native application

Deep Linking Integration in React Native Application

Deep linking is a pivotal technique in mobile app development. It directs users to specific screens within an app through designated URLs or resources. Deep linking improves user experience by directing them to specific screens, even within complex app structures, rather than just launching the
xcframework in ios

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating XCFramework in iOS Development

The tools and methods at our disposal change along with the landscape of iOS development. Let me introduce you to XCFramework, Apple’s revolutionary packaging technology that completely changes the way we bundle resources and libraries for use on various platforms. Say goodbye to complexity and
cloud for financial services

Cloud for Financial Services: Pros, Cons, Considerations

Cloud computing gains traction in banking due to capital, regulatory needs, and improved client experiences. In the financial services sector, cloud technology accelerates digital transformation efforts, enhances infrastructure and operations (I&O), and updates core financial processes. According to a McKinsey study, effective utilization of cloud
ai chatbot development services

AI Chatbot Development Services: Improving Customer Experience

Customer service is being revolutionized by AI chatbot development services. The customer experience is changing as a result of AI and chatbots, which offer real-time assistance and tailored conversations. They are now an essential avenue for companies to increase ROI and improve customer satisfaction. Artificial
staff aug vs managed services

Exploring Distinctions: Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

Presently, enterprises are actively seeking streamlined methods to externalize their IT functions. Recruiting and retaining internal IT experts can pose challenges in terms of cost, time, and complexity, particularly for burgeoning startups or swiftly expanding businesses. The IT industry remains entrenched in the ongoing discussion
software product development

Guide to Software Product Development – Steps & Methodologies

Software has become an essential component of modern life, necessitating the development of reliable and creative solutions. Nevertheless, there are several obstacles along the software development path, which causes many projects to fail. Studies show that about 75% of IT and business executives expect their
features of net framework

Guide: Benefits and Features of .NET Framework

Microsoft’s .NET framework sees extensive use in program creation and execution across a spectrum of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Thanks to its resilient architecture, developers have the flexibility to collaborate with seasoned .NET experts or delve into the framework independently, enabling the
ai analytics for business

AI Analytics for Business: Transforming Decision-Making

AI integration is reshaping business landscapes across industries, altering operations and creativity profoundly. Its advantages include lower expenses, fewer mistakes, better customer support, more operational efficacy, and automated repetitive tasks. One significant development in this AI-driven growth is the introduction of innovative technologies such as
ai for customer value

Microsoft’s Partners Embrace AI for Customer Value

In our day, artificial intelligence is a defining factor. We’ve seen hints of its potential to open up significant doors for people, businesses, and society at large during the past year. Nevertheless, it’s evident that we’ve merely scratched the surface of its potential. AI reshapes
iot smart city

Applications of IoT Transforming Smart Cities

According to Gartner research, urbanization will continue to entice people with promises of better jobs, better lifestyles, and convenience. This will in turn push 70 percent of the world’s population into cities by 2050. However, this rapid urban expansion is posing significant problems to the