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Let's now dive into the world of deeper understanding that:

What is SharePoint Intranet Service? Why do I need an intranet service?

Video conferencing tools, chats, corporate messengers, forums, etc. are some of the solutions that make daily enterprise communication engaging, easy, and secure. Now let’s understand what is the place of intranets among other collaboration technologies? Why do companies need them and why is SharePoint a preferred intranet platform since the early 2000s?

Significant functions of a corporate intranet include:
The intranet was made to act as a restricted and local communication network for a company’s internal business matters. Both intranet and internet are similar as both are made using World Wide Web software. Intranet facilitates daily business processes within a firm/company. From collaboration to improved communication among teams and employees, the intranet facilitates all.

Even Workflow and Content Management

Joint Multi-Level Communication

Centralized Right to Enterprise Content and Knowledge

United Collaborative Environment

Co-ordinated Internal and External Collaboration

Secure Device-Agnostic Workplace

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Why build an Intranet on SharePoint?

Today, organizations can select among loads of intranet solutions and platforms. Let’s now analyze why SharePoint is considered to be the leading one of them? Adaptability is the major advantage of SharePoint. The platform allows creating a completely different solution with its large set of out-of-the-box features that can be combined with the custom ones. SharePoint intranet thus becomes a comprehensive enterprise system that shields multiple functional areas. Check out our more microsoft sharepoint consulting services here.

Modern SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is backed with a bouquet of features and it is impossible to offer a one-fits-all structure for all intranets. It is still crucial that any one of them include 3 foremost layers of employees’ activities:

  • Individual work
  • Team and cross-team collaboration
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration

Before deployment of the intranet, you should think twice and plan appropriate features for each layer and then apply them in line with your actual organizational needs.

Each of the corporate intranets intends to bring in the necessary information to an employee as fast as possible. It helps in daily activities, making them engaging and supporting teams to prosper. To suffice all the goals, organizations should use built-in intelligent features as well as extend their intranets through devoted AI tools featured by Microsoft or other vendors.

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