SharePoint Add-In Development

A development model in which custom code is executed remotely is the SharePoint add-in model. There are two hosting options: - SharePoint hosted add-ins which is entirely hosted in SharePoint, using JavaScript or Provider-hosted add-ins which is hosted outside SharePoint. Business logic in a SharePoint Add-in can access SharePoint data through one of the several client APIs included in SharePoint.

The SharePoint websites where SharePoint Add-ins is installed, and from which users launch them, are called host webs.

What's not a SharePoint Add-in

A device app, such as a mobile app, isn't really a "SharePoint Add-in" even when it accesses SharePoint. The same is true of a web application that is launched from outside of SharePoint. If you want to develop any of these kinds of apps, see Access SharePoint from mobile and native device apps.

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We are Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with hands-on experience in SharePoint Add-In Development.

SharePoint Add-ins Can fit in many ways

As an immersive full-page experience that can have the look and feel of a SharePoint page.

As part of a webpage, using a special kind of control called an add-in part, to surface an iframe element that contains the add-in.

As UI commands that extend ribbons and menus for lists, documents, and more.

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CEO and Systems Designer
Kalmstrom Enterprises, Sweden

Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. team proved their mastery in SharePoint. Special thanks for their wonderful support during our transition period. We were catered instantly and with the best solutions. We would surely recommend PSSPL as a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy partner.

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