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telecom digital transformation

AI’s Role in Telecom’s Digital Transformation

In the realm of digital transformation, AI is revolutionizing every industry, including telecommunications. Each operator’s AI journey is unique, yet fundamental to this journey is Azure for Operators, providing the essential groundwork for organizations to fully leverage AI’s capabilities, fostering innovation, efficiency, and business value. This era of AI promises remarkable economic growth, signifying a significant shift in global GDP, currently just surpassing $100 trillion. The potential value propelled by this next wave of AI technology suggests a potential boost to global GDP of an additional $7 trillion to $10 trillion.

By embracing AI with Azure for Operators, operators can unlock new revenue streams, elevate customer experiences, and spearhead future innovations for sustained growth. This post discusses AI’s role in telco transformation, spotlighting Azure for Operators, Microsoft’s tailored telecom cloud platform.

Let’s begin.

The Future of Telecommunications: AI-Powered Cloud Solutions

Telecom operators can now utilize purpose-built cloud services, spanning from edge to space, to enhance networks, customer experiences, and operations with AI. Microsoft is committed is to be the trusted co-innovation partner, accelerating telco transformation in the AI era. At MWC Barcelona, updates to Azure for Operators will empower operators for the cloud-native, AI-driven future.

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Maximize Returns on Investments and Foster Innovation for Clientele:

AI heralds’ fresh growth prospects for operators. Embracing the cloud and AI era, operators can facilitate their customers’ transformations. For instance, the surge in spam calls and cyber threats poses a significant challenge, especially impacting vulnerable individuals. Besides annoyance, these calls incur substantial direct costs. In the United States alone, FTC data for 2023 tallies reported fraud losses at $850 million from scam calls.

Microsoft has introduced the public preview of Azure Operator Call Protection, employing AI to shield consumers from scam calls. This service employs real-time voice content analysis, notifying opted-in consumers of suspicious in-call activities. Azure Operator Call Protection operates seamlessly on any endpoint without requiring app installations.

In the U.K., BT Group is trialing Azure Operator Call Protection to safeguard customers from potential fraud, impeding bad actors from exploiting their clientele. Additionally, Microsoft has unveiled the public preview of Azure Programmable Connectivity (APC), offering a standardized interface across operators’ networks. APC facilitates access to Open Gateway for developers, enabling the creation of cloud and edge-native applications interacting with network intelligence. Furthermore, APC empowers operators to monetize their network APIs, simplifying access for developers via the Azure Marketplace.

Deploying AI-Driven Networks on A Hybrid Cloud Platform:

AI presents unprecedented opportunities to modernize network operations, furnishing real-time insights and automation. Operators like Three UK leverage Azure Operator Insights to consolidate data silos, furnishing actionable business insights by analyzing vast network data volumes from diverse sources.

Azure Operator Insights employs a modern data mesh architecture, dividing complex domains into manageable sub-domains termed data products. This facilitates integration of diverse datasets for comprehensive analytical insights. Moreover, the limited preview of Copilot in Azure Operator Insights aids operators in transitioning from reactive to proactive network management. Copilot furnishes AI-infused insights, facilitating quick resolution of network issues and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Azure Operator Nexus, our next-gen hybrid cloud platform, empowers operators to future-proof their networks, supporting mission-critical workloads and innovative services. Validated by tier one operators, Azure Operator Nexus ensures improved efficiency, scalability, and reliability. Operators like E& UAE leverage Azure Operator Nexus to lower TCO, simplify operations with AI, and accelerate time to market. Operations at AT&T, which previously took months, now conclude within weeks with Azure Operator Nexus.

Continually evolving, Azure Operator Nexus offers new deployment options, enabling operators to deliver innovative solutions on near-edge, far-edge, and enterprise edge platforms.

Boost Business Transformation Through AI:

Operators collaborate to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations with Microsoft’s AI solutions. Leveraging our copilot stack and experiences drives productivity and enhances customer satisfaction across core products like Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft Copilot for M365, and Microsoft Security Copilot.

Enhancing Operator Efficiency and Customer Experience Through AI:

Operators usually set aside 20% of their yearly income for capital expenses, however this investment frequently doesn’t increase revenue. Operators need to close this gap by providing data-driven insights to their service teams and utilizing conversational AI to provide self-service, rapid issue resolution, and smooth customer experiences on a large scale.

Microsoft: Your Partner in the AI Era

Thus, in the era of digital transformation, Microsoft in collaboration with its partner ecosystem is committed to developing a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to the telecommunications industry.

This includes Azure for Operators portfolio, featuring a carrier-grade hybrid cloud platform, voice core, mobile core, and multi-access edge compute, alongside our generative AI solutions.

Together, Microsoft is empowering network operators to transform their networks, future-proofing them and unlocking new revenue streams in a cloud- and AI-native future.