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laravel microservices

Laravel Microservices: A Beginner’s Guide

The landscape of software development has witnessed a notable surge in the adoption of microservices architecture, attributed to its capacity to elevate scalability, maintainability, and flexibility. Within this realm, Laravel, a PHP web application framework, stands out as a formidable option for constructing applications based
cakephp vs laravel

The Battle of the PHP Titans: CakePHP vs Laravel

CakePHP and Laravel both are two widely used PHP frameworks to accomplish web application development. Laravel has been gaining popularity in recent years and has a market share of approximately 57%, while CakePHP’s market share is around 15%, according to recent statistics. Each framework has
web development trends

Web Development Trends to Watch in 2023

Like all trends, web development trends are constantly changing. Even though many of the trends from the previous year are still prevalent in 2023, several new ones have emerged as a result of technological advancements. Some of the web development trends to watch in the
tricks with laravel timestamps

Tricks with Laravel Timestamps

Learn some timestamp tricks in Laravel Laravel developed by Taylor Otwell, is a powerful MVC PHP framework. It is designed for developers who require a smart and simple toolkit to build full-featured web apps. A user can do many interesting things with laravel timestamp. Want