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investing app

Important Steps to Building an Investing App

For each one of us, investment plays a crucial role. With the advancement of technology, the stock market has undergone a huge transformation. Today investment appears to be easy and doesn’t require specialized training. With the emergence of investment apps, all commercial transactions can now

mobile app maintenance

Guide to Mobile App Maintenance in 2022

Do you have your mobile app? Are you worried about mobile app maintenance and looking to learn more about its significance? If yes, this content is for you. In this blog we aim to target all the important stuff that is needed once you roll-out

best crossplatform

Five Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks

The process of developing an app is difficult and time-consuming. Cross-platform application development is less complex and more advantageous than other types of development, nonetheless. The availability of cross-platform app development services allows developers to produce software that is compatible with both the iOS and

flutter vs react

Flutter vs. React Native: The Biggest Combat of the Cross-platform Arena

Regardless of being two identical aspects of cross-platform app development, Flutter and React Native are always labeled as fierce adversaries i.e. flutter vs. react native. Although it’s flutter vs. react native, according to Statista, both React Native and Flutter are the most popular technologies for

xamarin native vs xamarin forms

Xamarin Native vs. Xamarin.Forms

Which Cross-Platform Suits You The Best? In today’s tech-savvy world, it is very common to own a mobile phone. India’s smartphone base is estimated to reach 820 million in the next two years according to a new study said. Cross-platform app frameworks have become increasingly

google unveils flutter 2

Google Unveils Flutter 2

Adding Support for Desktop and Web Apps On March 3, 2021, at an online event, Google announced the newest version of its open-source UI toolkit Flutter 2 for building portable apps. The big news is that Flutter 2 now supports web and desktop apps rather