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Video Conversion

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About Client

Video Conversion




  • Client need a component that can create an mp4 file of the screen we made automatically.
  • This video file needs to contain the original video or audio clip, playing when the mp4 file is played, the graph representing the results and the moving red line, synced with the progress of the video or audio clip.The input of this component could be the url of the popup or any other data so the video can be created

Technical Objective

The main objective of this application was to provide an automatic interface wherein hi screen gets recorded automatically, previous to this which involved manual action of clicking on button

How it works


  • We used apache Active MQ for managing the queue of the URL. Our component would process the URL one by one
  • Our component notified client COMET listener and other listener if required once it completes Video creation for particular page.
  • Our component converted the video or audio to mp4
  • We also created a queue mechanism that would accept and send video creation started and video completion notification to other listeners for further processing(for example creation of download link)


Clients manual process of converting video or audio to mp4 was replaced by automatic process using our component hence Saving time and money

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