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Time Tracking Application

Manage all the data in an organized manner

About Client

Time Tracking Application




Initially the client was making use of various applications to manage their client’s resources. This was time consuming and required more efforts. The client was looking for developing a solution which could store and manage all the data in an organized manner, which would save time and effort.

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop a web portal
  • Pull the existing employee information from Namely API and store in the application.
  • Give access to the Admin to configure pre-requisite application settings and manage employee demographic information.
  • Design and develop a dashboard in such a way that the user is easily able to view data and make necessary decisions.
  • Easy-to-use Scheduler for the Manager to allocate resources.
  • Manage the Dashboard dynamically, in order to generate data.
  • User Management using Azure AD Authentication so that there is no need to register each employee.


  • PSSPL designed a solution in such a way that the client could monitor everything from the Web Application.
  • Dashboard integration so that the Admin has a broader view of business activities.
  • Schedule management with the option of “Locking” a particular employee.
  • Employee Task management with the option of adding time-related to each of their tasks assigned .
  • The application would also export client Invoice to QuickBooks Desktop software via Web connector.
  • All this information can be made available to authorized users from anywhere in the world via the internet.
  • Ability to fetch current progress of Employee, Client Allocation, Client Billability.
  • Timesheet adding functionality for the employee to keep track of all the task performed by them


  • Eliminating time required to manage different software.
  • Manager would be able to approve and review Employee Timesheet so that he can keep track of all the activities performed.
  • Client was able to view the resource allocation and integrating “Feedback” option made it easy for them to know the availability of resources.
  • Increased productivity and getting more work done by the Manager without looking at much other software at a time.
  • Access to key information from anywhere at any time.
  • Improved work-force utilization, increased the visibility of resources, time-tracking.
  • Increased visibility of business plan without having to look at different software.

Technology Stack