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Task Management System

Automation of tasks made easier

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Task Management System




There is a job – ‘Video’ that need to be evaluated with the various properties to check its quality stage by stage. Producer assign task to manager to check its aspects back and forth and continuously evaluate till the final acceptance. It passes through 19 various stages. So there is need to track the situation of each job and its assignments. After completion of Internal 19 stage another workflow is assigned to that job for UAT (“User acceptance testing”). If UAT is rejected then again lesson is assigned for 19 internal stage.

Technical Objective

The project is dynamically scheduling of jobs and assigning task for that job to verify the various aspect of the lessons which are divided in 19 states with approval and rejection of that task which is done using the SharePoint designer workflow.

Workflow that creates the task and manages the approval of task, mailing to user and also updating and creating new list item entry at various stages in the respective stage lists.

The system provides the analytical reports that helps user to make decision related to reassignment, priority modification and user interface to manage that tasks and can view progress of that tasks.


  • State machine workflow  
  • Custom forms for the approval   
  • Listing of the current users task on the dashboard  
  • Workflow’s task status  
  • Priority and assignment modifications of tasks  
  • Listing of workflow status  
  • Reports and graph that shows tasks and stage details and its progress


  • Automated process to record the quality of the video files and acceptance tests details   
  • Easy for users to report and check the their assigned tasks  

Technology Stack