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Substation Engineering Calculation Package

Demonstrate different engineering calculations easily

About Client

Substation Engineering Calculation Package




While communicating with its client the company requires showing them different engineering calculations of the different equipment mentioned above systems/products. To accomplish this, they have developed Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access based application called SECP. This application is a desktop application which is installed in executive’s laptop. As the application is evolving it is difficult to update each and every update in executive’s laptop. So they are finding some solution which centrally hosted and executives can access them from the URL. With this functionality, the company is also wanted to add users and group management module so that features can be restricted based on users and group. They also want each module to be independent so that each module can be detached, and the new module can be attached any point of time.

Technical Objective

  • Central location for application and the database.
  • User group specific module management.
  • Implement user specific password management.
  • Any point of time user should get the latest calculation and reports.
  • Dynamically modules can be attached or detached from application.


    • We have offered ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and SQL Server 2005 based web application.
    • The application has different kind of 9 calculations/modules along with security mechanism the company has mentioned in the business requirement.
    • At any point of time modules can be added or removed from application.
    • Back end dependent modules are developed.
    • Open XML based reports are being used so that in future it is compatible with any version of Microsoft Office


    • Centralize application which can easily be managed by single person.
    • Centralized modules for master entries.
    • Centralized modules for user creations and implement role-based security.
    • Anytime upgrade without having any application down time.
    • Any point of time new modules can be attached, and old modules can be detached.
    • Easily extendable.

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