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Space Rental Solution​

Web-portal for Space Booking System

About Client

Space Rental Solution




The client already had a site on GitHub, but it was not well organised and well structured. Client wanted the code to be well defined and make some changes in the same. He also wanted to make some changes in the existing functionality and add new functionalities in the same.

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop a web portal for Space Booking System inspired by AIRBNB
  • Calendar Integration for showing the availability of the Space for booking
  • Price Calculation of space base on the Hours/Days /Week/Month
  • Client wanted to host the site on cloud
  • Adding more data in tabular format on admin dashboard
  • Payment integration with a discount /Coupon Code option


  • Social Media Login
  • Messaging module – With the option of marking the message as read
  • Admin panel -With descriptive dashboard in terms of graphs and count to get an overview of the system performance in terms of statistics at a glance
  • Displaying the spaces on google map.
  • Recurring booking functionality eliminating the need of booking the same space every time
  • Easy booking with the option of selecting the dates as per the availability of the space
  • Ratings and review option for the listed space even for the guest user
  • Count of view of that space which gives idea to user how many users have visited the particular space
  • Automatic Deployment using AppVeyour
  • User have the option of sharing that space on social Platform
  • PayPal Integration, with a recurring payment option
  • SMS and email notification for various purpose such as Booking Request , Booking accepted, Payments etc


  • Platform Became a one stop solution for all the space needs which included different industries such as Events, Co-working, Beauty + hair, Office, Retail and popup etc
  • Messaging module helped the user to get their queries resolved quickly
  • Ratings and reviews made easy for the guest/user to get a perfect idea of the space
  • Listing space on map helped the users to filter the spaces available near there area
  • Recurring payment helped users in immense way eliminating the need of remembering the date for making the next payment
  • Per Hours/Days /Week/Month booking option proved very helpful for the users as they only have to pay as for the time they utilize the space.

Technology Stack