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Smart Home Appliances - Ecommerce

Make your ecommerce store visible over the internet

About Client

Smart Home Appliances – Ecommerce




Client wanted the website/store to display all the smart home appliances in a specific design and should be able to sell online with all the e-commerce features. The client also wanted similar design as the main website, with customized page design, widgets, and search functionality.

Technical Objective

  • Providing a store with all the e-commerce functionality with customized and design and features, like cart, inventory, checkout, customized search system
  • Users account system after purchasing the product
  • Manage registered member’s history, profile, order
  • Design and develop site to best suit the need
  • Live Chat
  • SOFORT and PayPal Payment gateway integration
  • General Blog feature with customized layouts
  • Mail Chimp Integration


After analysing the requirement, our team came up with a solution that WordPress with WooCommerce can serve the purpose.

  • Added WordPress “Premium” theme with customized design and layout
  • Customized the Woo Commerce templates to display in the customized layout
  • Wish list features for the logged in users
  • Customized search features to search from specific category
  • Woo Commerce customized widget integrated with the design and layout
  • Add to cart functionality with the option of calculating Shipping cost based on the count
  • Integrated PayPal and SOFORT payment gateway to allow the user to pay hassle-free for the purchased product. and allow them to keep track of their payment from their user account
  • Coupon code integration for applying discount on the product selected
  • Customized Checkout form and tax setting options also included.


  • The site nicely presents the store over the internet
  • All the products, inventory and orders are easily manage

Technology Stack