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Risk Inspection System

Dot Net based solution to inspect all the risks

About Client

Risk Inspection System




Client wanted to develop a system of inspection that integrates a web site to provide a complete solution to its customers, that is suited to the growth of the same, which allows you to keep track of the risks and obtain the information in a fast and clear way.

Technical Objective

  • Authentication with AD
  • Google Map Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Ability to upload risk using excel


We created a .net based solution which included following features
  • Permission based Access
  • Authentication via both AD and DB
  • Approval of call center user once the risk is uploaded
  • Log management of whole web site
  • Dashboard Integration which gave a glance to the users about the key information
  • Risk detail page which would display risk details based on latitude and longitude
  • Source to destination direction displayed on map using google map API
  • Various reports such as
    1. Risk Information
    2. Inspector transactions
    3. Statistics reports for geographic zones
    4. Individual report for risk, with GPS and photos
  • Spanish Language support
  • Option of managing Insurance company details, Insurance company details, Call Centre user details
  • Ability to change the status of risk (verified, Inspected)


  • Client now had a web solution wherein he can easily log his risk inspection related details
  • Filter option on the pages made it easy for the user to search any details
  • Real time navigation made it easy for the user to reach his destination easily
  • Integration of reports gave a proper insight into the activities of the system

Technology Stack