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Counting Cloud: Retail Portal

Managing counting for real time stock insights made simple

About Client

Client having 50+ Years of IT experience combined with new technological possibilities. Experienced architects, sales professionals and entrepreneurs offer tailor-made solutions for the retail industry.




Leverage wall-to-wall, ad-hoc / cycle counting for real time stock insights

Technical Objective

  • Create Wall-to-wall, ad-hoc or cycle counts for your stores
  • Count your in-store stock
  • Monitor counting at your stores
  • Validate counting data automatically
  • Apply sampling for make sure accurate output
  • import different types of invent files [generated from opticon device] automatically
  • continuous [recurring based] cycle counts for stores
  • Regular basis archive counts and show the history as well
  • Verify proposals or create replenishment orders.
  • Book and Receive goods, verify your deliveries as they arrive in your stores.
  • Back Office Integration
  • Count your store stock in a structured cycle count or ad-hoc mode.
  • Ship and receive products from and to warehouses or other locations.
  • Fallout process – Auto correction
  • Shared environment – support for Multiple customer


  • PSSPL analyzed completely client’s requirement and found client’s Main Goal to Sell this solution to multiple clients so after launching assignment to his first customer – he has having target to convert this as PRODUCT, so that Product client can sell to multiple end clients.
  • PSSPL have did detailed analysis and decided to make SAAS based Multi-Tenant Application by using Azure PASS. Detailed Architecture Provided below in Architect section.
  • As Client is going to deal with Retail Store and Person who working on store floor not able to use web Application so PSSPL suggested them to have on Cross Platform Xamarin – Mobile APP [can be utilized by store people] and Along with Web Portal who can be utilized by other Administrative people.
  • As it is completely evolutionary product, so PSSPL proposed to go with AGILE Methodology – SCRUM so product can be release on specific interval with features which are most valuable.


  • Empowering employees, optimizing business processes at the core of the store
  • Provided Stock Accuracy – By Creating many different modules at APP and Web Portal both Side
  • Product Information – Present product details, retrieving data from your back office, website (CDN) or third-party repositories.
  • Stock Counting – Count your store stock using wall-to-wall or cycle counting algorithms.
  • Receipt Handling – Receive products from your DC, other stores, or suppliers.
  • Replenishment – Set minimum and maximum replenishment levels for each store.
  • Ordering – Order products from your stores using point-and-scan functionality.
  • Review Replenishment – Review and change back-office replenishment proposals.
  • Easy in Stock Management – By having many background process and APP based Submission from stores.
  • It also supports and Act based on many different features like Expiry, in Stock, Active, Minimum Qty etc.
  • Hosting – We Provide Individual hosting in Client subscription and, we are supporting Shared Hosting [Support Multiple tenants in Same Environment]
  • Authentications are more secure as We connected with Azure AD
  • Roles & Permissions – Multiple Roles we are supporting based on module-based permissions.
  • Overview/Block View – Where CA Manager can see UX in blocks so based on Store they can see No. of lines, Warning/Errors, Locks etc. for specific CA.
  • Smart Query Builder – That can help end user to retrieve data based on their need and filter the products based on different parameters.
  • There are many background LogicAPPs developed which doing mostly all type of Automation – Or Background processes.
  • It contains many logicAPPs which developed only for recover things if any fallout happens – Its also sending alert notification Via Email to respective persons as well.
  • Application also contains serverless Architect – where we are processing many files without touching Any of API layer. So, APP and portal can run smoothly.
  • It supports more than 40 types of different format files and we are processing those by help of Azure Functions.
  • Transit – Ship and receive products from and to warehouses or other locations.
  • Application having flexible in Translation and settings – that can be manage.
  • All modules are configurable – Based on settings So based on End client requirement we can make enable/disable modules.

Technology Stack