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Retail Admin Solution

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About Client

Retail Admin Solution




Client had APIS ready for his products but did not had a solution wherein he can manage products, Vendors and Prices. He wanted a solution wherein he can manage all the things easily.

Technical Objective

  • Displaying Competitors price and get a system calculated advised price
  • Print new price tags
  • Graphical representation of competitor’s price for the same product
  • Multilingual Support


  • This solution acted as a backend for Mobile Application which is actually used in retail store/super market
  • We developed a web portal from where he can manage all the product related information from one place
  • Role base access permission
  • We integrate Price motion API, Retail Vista service for product price Comparison
  • Advise price calculation was based on fix formula.
  • Product Compare module with following features was integrated
    1. A slider that shows all latest, related Prices for this Products, based on Barcode
    2. detail toggle (triangle) which would show red in color if adjusted price is lower and green in color if the adjusted price is higher in color
    3. A percentage difference to indicate difference between current Product Price and Advised Price.
  • A graph that will show all price records for one selected Product. Every Vendor is categorized with different colors
  • Batch Print option included – When user clicks on print option Print directive will be sent to Retail Vista
  • Easy way of adding translations by just adding the key and values
  • Setting options for changing the Colors and images for particular company
  • Option of setting price rules for specific Category and brand for that vendor.
  • Calendar Integration for displaying the delivery slots at a particular time period and location
  • We also using service for comparing product price to other Mob Applications as well


  • One step solution for managing products and there pricing
  • Different Analytics view enabled the client to have a glance of various statistics about the products
  • Client was easily able to import the new products

Technology Stack