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Request Management System

Design & develop intranet application as per your business needs

About Client

Request Management System




For internal company departments, there was requirement for intranet solution which users of different departments can use to create request for items with quantity, description, purpose, cost which they need for their respective work and get those requests approved

Technical Objective

  • Design & develop intranet application for the requirement.
  • Implement simple work flow that requests can go through from create to approval to approved state.
  • Export to pdf.
  • Mobile friendly.

Solution MVC 4 along with SQL Server 2012 has been chosen as platform to design and develop the new system. Application is an intranet application for internal users, where user can create requests, email notifications are sent to respective people. Authorized user can approve requests. Administration section for managing item inventory for each department.


  • Request Management automation so that requests can be tracked and addressed fast.
  • Mobile friendly view, so users can view, create requests using mobile or tablets.

Technology Stack