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Quality Assurance

Plan, manage, track, schedule your activities online

About Client

Quality Assurance




Client was in construction business and wanted software that can plan, manage, track, schedule his activities and collaborate with customers online in terms of tracking feedbacks, issues and work.

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an Native iOS Application as per the requirements of the client.
  • Fetching all the data from the first time from the documents uploaded and storing it locally in a database.


  • We worked closely with client to make sure that the system was bug free and was working as expected. So we provided our testing services which had a mixture of both Automation and Manual Testing. Our solution included a SAAS based highly scalable solution development and testing 
  • We performed following actions for testing to make sure that the product was bug free 
    • Testing whether the task has been created properly based on the team or a specific member  
    • Security Check very carefully done by making sure that the users are able to see only the documents as per their roles  
    • A detailed Checklist for the QA task ensuring that even the micro points are not missed  
    • Integration testing making sure that task assignment, projects and organization creation modules are properly working 
    • Created all the use case through Soap UI using API 
    • Validated the code coverage making sure that our automation test covers the max percentage. 
    • Creating selenium scripts for functional Tests. e.g. To make sure that task assignment is proper as per the user 
    • Load Testing was performed with 1000 users for the following functionality 
      • Creating Organization and related projects  
      • Creating RFI, Issues and Task  
      • Creating Teams and users  
      • Document sharing 
    • App insights was also integrated to monitor the health of the application with API triggers. for e.g. a particular page should be able to load within specific threshold time 
    • Rest API designed and deployed as azure cloud service 
    • Load Test preparing against data retrieval measurement from azure search again making it reliable if the search result has more data. 
    • Cross Platform simultaneous web + IOS synchronization testing 
    • Testing the validation and data for offline mode Scheduler Application for IOS 
    • Web + IOS Client base file storage and synchronization testing. 
    • Load Testing analysis report Generation using BLITZ 

Technology Stack