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Purchase Request System

Get all your purchases organized

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Purchase Request System




There are many projects created and are ongoing or completed in the client organization. For these projects, it is required to raise purchase requests which go through various workflow steps from creating up to finishing. This purchase requests should contain project related, supplier-related, cost-related information, discount and reductions as well as various document associated with each request and a way to maintain communications for those requests.

Technical Objective

  • The web application which should be very fast and should incorporate more data with smart UI.
  • Responsive UI with an elegant user interface that works for various devices.
  • Workflow management
  • Integration with the outlook for certain required features.


Elegant and ajax based UI created with smart Tile based list view for requests. Advanced filtering options provided to filter relevant data. Detail view which contains a tabular interface with all required details in various tabs. Detail view opens with the similar effect like google image slide view from the main tile view of work items. Integration with outlook using outlook API to be able to view outlook emails from an application and ability to import relevant emails from outlook to the application and associated with work items.


  • Fast, responsive and elegant UI.
  • The workflow-based solution for managing requests from un process to in-process approval/rejection stages.
  • The inclusion of all the complex data, information, communications, assets within each work item.
  • Localization support for different languages.

Technology Stack