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Project Management Platform

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About Client

Project Management Platform




The client provides the interface between its end clients seeking domain expertise and experts who have the domain expertise.

Technical Objective

  • Developing the PMP.
  • Integrating PMP with various applications within SalesForce, DocuSign, etc.
  • Creating expert databases from external data sources.
  • Single sign-on across applications.


PSSPL, after extensive discussions with the client, is implementing the solution with the following features: High cohesion, using MVC architecture and Dependency Inversion Adherence to industry defined best practices in software engineering Availability on all major browsers The following have been incorporated in the application:
  • Error logging through the Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0
  • An audit trail of user activity.
  • Ability to translate the site into major languages.


  • Reduced cost of operations.
  • Will provide both Clients and Consultant a user-friendly account management system.
  • Will provide the client with a sophisticated sales and marketing platform.
  • Will create an automated system for recruitment of consultants

Technology Stack