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Project Management Flows

Automated solution to interact with project management tools

About Client

Project Management Flows




Company wanted to build a solution that would ease the interaction with some of the well-known Project Management Tools (ex. Procore, PlanGrid, Bluebeam and so on…). Company wanted to automate solution to interact with project management tool and perform sync between tools and other systems like OneDrive,, Egnyte, Dropbox, SharePoint and so on. 

Technical Objective

  • Provision to communicate with Project Management Tools. 
  • Custom processes creation to automate synchronization between tools. 


  • We created Power Automate custom connectors to consume API’s from Project Management Tools. This allows us to create Actions and Trigger events. Custom Actions allowed to read data from 3rd party tools and Triggers helped ensuring real time sync between source and target systems.
  • We created Azure functions to handle File operations to ease the solution and make it smooth.
  • Once we had above set of things ready, we created Power Automate Flows. These flows were configured to trigger whenever any change in made in respective Project Management tool. Flows were responsible to handle sync between Project Management tools and target systems like SharePoint, Procore and so on. 


  • Automated sync between source and target system. 
  • No manual intervention needed to get entire process work. 
  • This can be used as an auto backup solution for documents. 
  • Realtime notifications. 

Technology Stack