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Product Database Application

Document storage centralization simplified

About Client

Product Database Application




  • Client needed to centralize document storage to facilitate group wide collaboration.
  • The same need applied within some countries they operate in, where disparate legacy platforms were being used for document storage.
  • The main purpose of the Offering Portal is to centralize product related document storage. 
  • Documents stored in the portal can be aimed at an internal and/or external audience.
  • Target group of users for this application are Sales, Marketing and Operations. 
  • Key document types stored are Sales presentations, product sheets, Product descriptions, Price lists, Launch material, Technical and content documentation, etc. 

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an Native iOS Application as per the requirements of the client.
  • Fetching all the data from the first time from the documents uploaded and storing it locally in a database.


  • SharePoint based enterprise grade application on Office 365 
  • Configurable product categorizations, products 
  • User friendly configuration option to link product documents with products 
  • Centralized product documentation  
  • Each document is tagged with products it belongs to, and other categories like country, region, document type and so on. 
  • SharePoint search customized to leverage document metadata and filters 
  • Configurable product categorization for group and company 
  • Breadcrumb navigation to easily traverse through different pages 
  • Feature to display configurable shortcut links and related content / links for each page 
  • Role based permissions such that designated persons manage configuration, designated persons manage documents, rest all can read and refer content and documents 

Technology Stack