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POS Application​

Cross platform application within your reach

About Client

POS Application




Client had the web application and wanted a cross platform application so that it can reach to a large user base.

Technical Objective

  • Cross Platform Xamarin application
  • Maintaining branch wise registers
  • Placing and maintaining orders
  • Roles based access permissions
  • Different subscriptions as per plans
  • Orange mobile payment integration

How it works


  • Xamarin Mobile App for Android and IOS Platform Powered by robust REST API architected and deployed over Azure
  • Offline functionality included for some of the modules with the option of “Sync” to avoid data loss
  • Option of uploading the documents for verification during the registration process
  • Setting up a store with some essential data based on business type and no. of branches
  • Register Management – Creating and Managing the Registers of required duration by linking the cashiers to the registers at branch level. Keeping track of summary and business data of all the transactions.
  • Products – Maintain the products of various categories along with its other details like cost, sales prices, minimum stock level, barcode, branch wise inventory etc.
  • Reports – extensive reports generation – Which included reports for Sales, Products. Reports also included Date filters.
  • Analytics – dashboard with key business statistics and trends to identify bottlenecks in seconds
  • Employee module to manage employee details
  • Plan subscription management functionality for managing the complete store business
  • Rights management based on permission given to different roles for different modules.
  • Allow cashier to access the register using secure pin.
  • Ordering the product as per required quantity by applying any of different available discounts
  • Orange mobile payment Gateway and Cash option available for payment


  • Registering and Running the Store with a few clicks and information allowing to generate revenue is next hour.
  • With the integration of dashboard, every information was available for the admin and supervisor at one glance.
  • Keeping track of each and every order was made easy.
  • Inventory Management made easy.
  • Allocation of Registers to cashier made the work execution very smooth.
  • Keeping Track of Low stock product helped the merchants to plan his inventory accordingly.
  • Ordering the product by scanning barcode helped the client to order the product without manual entering a code and made the order processing faster.
  • Cash and Mobile payment methods helped to handle the order payment in all possible ways.
  • Maintaining the Customer Feedback through feedback form helped the client to improve.
  • Generating Receipt through printer helped customer to verify their orders and keep the bill.

Technology Stack