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Policy Approval Flow

Streamline your policy approval process

About Client

Policy Approval Flow




A very large organization requires set of rules and regulation on how the business is conducted and these rules and regulation needs to be changed with changing times, such was the case with one of our client, with 50000 employees, they had policies but the approval process was still manual, was based on emails and lacked transparency, enter SharePoint, with which we streamline their approval and review process. 

Technical Objective

  • Automate the approval 
  • On the fly assignment of approvers by Administrator based on the nature of the policy 
  • Send the fortnight reminders 
  • Reassign the approval if they expire 
  • Start the review process after a year 
  • Publish the policy 


  • We leveraged Microsoft Flow to automate this process. The flow took care of the getting the on the fly approvers, managed permission and carried out multi-step approval. There was also a provision of restarting the process from wherever the process got rejected if the reason given was to adjust the policy. We also automated the reminders that went out every fortnight to remind the approvers to complete the process. Using CSOM we sent out the reminders to the stake holder to start the review process of the policy after a year.
  • We also took care of restarting the process if the approval got expired, which is right now a limitation with Microsoft Flow, the approvals in Microsoft Flow expire in 30 days, resulting failure of the flow. We also made a provision for the HR to reassign the approval to someone else.
  • Finally, when the policy was approved and adjusted, we unveiled it to the employees of the employees by publishing it to the Intranet of the company and sending out companywide notification.
  • And as a result we got a streamlined, transparent, self-maintained and reliable system. 


  • Hassle free approval process, in that HR just need to define approvers once and then take the back seat, no follow up emails required 
  • Capabilities of Microsoft Flow used at its best and limitations of it managed
  • Status of the process available at finger tips 

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