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Online Customer Portal

Displaying customer specific information at one click

About Client

Online Customer Portal




Client wanted a tool to allow customers to log into and display customer specific information, such as invoices, products and prices includes with quotation and order generation. This information is to be retrieved from the franchises ERP software at their discretion. This data could be accessed live and directly from the database using queries or through regular updates

Technical Objective

  • Common Login Access URL for admin and trade User.
  • A single place to view the history of orders and quotes.
  • Role-based access management
  • Integrating Email Notifications for various purpose.
  • Cost Calculation based on predefined formulas.


We created a .net based solution which included following features:

  • Data Integration from clients existing ERP
  • Invoice creation with the option of downloading the invoice and emailing the same
  • Creation of project and assigning invoices according to the project
  • Easy Search with different filters such as Invoice number, Reference, sales order No and Project
  • Multiple Payment options which include E-Funds, by cheque and credit card – Stripe payment gateway was also integrated
  • The option of activating /Deactivating the projects.
  • The user also had the option of marking the project as complete
  • Easy option of creating a product catalogue
  • The user was also able to mark the product as favourite
  • Branch based quote creation
  • The functionality of converting the quote into order was also integrated
  • Custom formula-based calculation of cost
  • The user would be able to add the miscellaneous product with the option of selecting the product is GST free or not
  • Pickup and delivery option for the products
  • Color-based record display for an order to identify the status of the order
  • Role-based user management
  • Email Notification for different purpose such as New account registration, Invoice Email, Successful Payment Etc


  • Order, Quotes management was made easy via this system
  • The option of creating Quote made easy for the user to foresee the total amount that their product will cost
  • With the option of marking the products as “Favourite” made it easy for the user to access that product quickly
  • Graphical Dashboard gave the user a glance of what is happening in the system
  • Data integration from ERP prevented any loss of data and made sure that same data is being maintained

Technology Stack