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Inventory Management Application

Tracking inventory of the products made simple

About Client

Inventory Management Application




The client wanted an application to help him to track the inventory of the products

Technical Objective

  • The client wanted the architecture to be built in such a manner that it can easily be integrated with other solutions in future
  • 3rd party Devices such as IPC and Datalogic to be integrated
  • Scandit Integration for barcode Scan

How it works


We developed a Mobile application with following functionalities in it

The design of the application changed as per the business domain.

  • Automatic calculation for the quantity of the products available and color codes were assigned based on the stock levels.
  • The user had an option of adding /Modifying the product stocks.
  • Location wise Product inventory Tracking
  • Product search made easy by integrating Scandit for barcode scanning
  • The option of giving feedback for the deliveries of the products was integrated
  • Integrating Custom SSL certificate for increasing the security of the application
  • Datalogic (Joya Touch A6) and IPC (linea-pro-6-iPod-iPhone-scanner) integrated for Barcode Scanning Purpose via hardware
  • Multiple languages managed in the application via API based on the device language.
  • A separate user role for managing inventory of the Customers within the application


  • Tracking of inventory was made easy
  • The client was easily able to identify the products there were about to arrive at a particular location

Technology Stack