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Goal Management System

Custom program to track your organisation’s goals.

About Client

Goal Management System




The client conducted workshop the outcome is discussed with the users – mostly leaders of organisation. Based on the discussion, client creates a custom program for the users who participated in the workshop. The users can then use this custom program to track their organisation’s goals. Client wanted a web-based application which their clients can use to manage and track their goals

Technical Objective

  • Permission based access
  • Organization Based Portal (Multi-Tenant System)
  • Calculating Area of focus status based on calculation
  • Sending Task Notification
  • KPI Management


Dashboard with graphs which gave overview of the system activities at a glance

Creating goals with priority and option of marking that goal as complete

Creating a Post wherein user can add

  • Text
  • Image
  • Links to videos (from YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Option of sharing the Updates/Achievement over social media account

Ability of calculating the completion of opportunities-based o a calculation

Ability to create vision and setting up multiple Area of Focus

Ability to create priorities which can be set under one opportunity

Sending notification for various purpose such as

  • Task status Changed
  • Moderating a post
  • Rejection of post

Creating priority-based goal

Creating status based KPIS and associating with multiple goals. The default status of KPI would be “Not Met”, Once the goal has met user has to set the goal as “Met”

Sending a manual notification by creating a check-ins.

Creating a survey/Questionnaire with the option of assigning recipients , Area of Focus and users

Creating Different Reports which includes

  • Goals Completed by User
  • Personal Goals per user against time
  • Personal Goals per Priorities
  • Priorities completed per opportunity
  • User log in record
  • Clicks per newsfeed post
  • Survey responses
  • Goal completion by date
  • Priority completion by date
  • KPI met by date

Bulk Upload of KPIS using a CSV file

Option of sharing the user’s achievement on social media


  • Manual process of creating goals was replaced by web application which saved lot of time
  • Creating KPI was just a few clicks away
  • Dashboard gave client a clear idea of the activities going across the system – which made it easy for him to take proper required steps /action
  • With the help of the web application client was able to manage separate data for different organization with ease

Technology Stack