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Fitness Nutrition Application

Your fitness and nutrition at your fingertips

About Client

Fitness Nutrition Application




  • Client wanted to develop a fitness and nutrition application for Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) operating systems running on smartphone and tablet devices with different resolutions. 
  • Both applications are connecting to server components to access several information like user data and to request evaluation results based on tracked nutritional user data.

Technical Objective

  • Client had a certain development Guidelines that he need the team to follow. 
  • Client wanted the project execution via Agile methodology. 
  • Graphical representation of user weight history.
  • Success Calculation timeline integration to reach the defined target depending on fix calculation.


  • We provided him the solution on both IOS and android by following a specific set of annotations defined by client
  • Password were stored in encrypted format taking care of the security aspects for the application 
  • A simple tour was integrated so that user can have a glance of the features of the application
  • Two factor authentication in the form of confirmation code on mobile for registration purpose
  • User had multiple options for selecting the type of training that he wanted with the option of setting the duration of the same
  • Automatic calorie calculation in real time based on the minutes entered
  • Notifications whenever a new PDF/Message is sent by admin
  • Color codes to display whether the PDF is opened or not  
  • Option of setting a target and the application would auto calculate the duration that it would take to reach the target 
  • Success Corridor Chart with the option of selecting the time period
  • Uploading or taking new photos connected with that particular weight


  • User was easily able to track their weight  
  • User was able to get a more graphically view regarding there weight history with the integration of Success Corridor 
  • With the automatic calculation of the time require to reach the specific target user was able to know the exact time to achieve the goals set by them 

Technology Stack