Fitness, Sports & Wellness Mobile App

The app was made for one of the clients in Hong Kong. Staying healthy and fit is of prime importance to all. This mobile app aims to serve customers online with their fitness, sports, and wellness requirements.

Hong Kong

Business Need

  • The client was looking forward to developing an application for fitness, sports & wellness where a player (user) can discover and book activities as per needs.
  • Players can join the fitness, sports & wellness app community and get inspired. They can enjoy some of the fantastic activities, meet new like-minded people, or just browse around.

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an iOS Application as required by the client.
  • The app fetched all the data of the instructors available and the players who are willing to join and stored it in a database. All the health & privacy concerns were ensured so that there is no data leak.


  • One of the most important advantages of having this mobile app is flexibility. Customers' fitness, sports & wellness experiences were simplified with a mobile app.
  • The client benefitted as the customers and instructors from different locations could join.
  • A customer could monitor, track his progress, and share it on social media. One could also book sessions with personal health coaches.

PSSPL Solution

  • We developed an app using iOS, Swift 5, and Xcode 13.
  • Designed a user-friendly interface that allows users to gain a clear picture of the application and utilize it quickly.
  • Two logins were created :
  • (a) Players Login:

    Discover - Find fantastic instructors and activities that you'll enjoy.

    Book Instantly - View an instructor's calendar and book them without having to send back-and-forth messages.

    Match Me - Can't make it with your friends? You won't have to do activities alone because this app will find you a companion.

  • (b) Instructors Login:

    Instant Bookings - Set your calendar as per your availability for quick bookings.

    Dynamic Pricing – This enables you to fill your schedule by adjusting your prices during peak and off-peak hours.

    Performance Statistics - track your progress and learn how to improve as an instructor.