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Eye Lash Treatment

Easily track all the treatments that you perform

About Client

A Netherlands based Eye lash treatment provider having a legacy system to track patient treatments




The client wanted a system through which he can track all the treatments that he performs. He wanted an UI that would be compatible with Mobile also

Technical Objective

  • Integration of Stripe Billing
  • Signature Pad using canvas HTML5
  • Swapping and cropping of treatment photos
  • Implementing separate tool for zone creation using HTML and Javascript


  • Easy Subscription /Plan Management with the option of Adding / Editing and deleting new Plan
  • Permission management using –
  • Multiple language support and translation option via just a file upload was given
  • Option of creating an agreement was given with the option of creating a new Curl Type
  • The legal Information /Agreement can be signed using a signature Pad – wherein a signature is captured and then displayed with the legal information
  • Stripe Billing option is included for payment purpose
  • Addition of multiple clients with there multiple treatments is possible
  • Treatment management with the option of indicating that the treatment is still in progress
  • User needs to add before treatment and after treatment photos with the option of moving swapping two photos up /down by a single click
  • Zone creation functionality by dragging the headers – Maximum of 7 zones would be created each for left eye and right eye
  • User was able to set a standard setting for each zone whose length varies from 5 to 16, width can vary from 0,03 to 0,020.


  • User was easily able to manage the details of all the treatments associated with the client
  • We are displaying a summary page for each of the treatment before the clinic user saves it , which helped the user to get a glance of the treatment details added
  • As the UI was compatible with mobile devices also – it helped user to operate the system from mobile itself
  • User can easily upgrade the subscription that he wants
  • Easily identification of which treatment details are not completely updated as we displayed that treatment via a different colour code

Technology Stack