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Event Management System​

Manage all your events smartly

About Client

Event Management System




Client wanted to create a system which can allow him to track the news event happening across his country. He wanted a smart solution available at his fingertips which can help users to inform the citizens/police of his country about the events happening in his area.

Technical Objective

  • Tracking of events
  • Access based permission
  • Map integration for tracking of events
  • Multilingual Support- We provided support for French and English language
  • Adding location powered by google location API


We developed a web application with following functionalities in it

  • User access / Permission access based on the login
  • List of all the event with the functionality of filter based on crime, Road Safety etc.
  • Client would also be able to see the list of events created by him with the total number of views on the same
  • Map overview of the events for a nice look and view and a quick glance of all the events created
  • Adding new events with an option of auto-populating the address based on the place selected on map
  • A statistics page which would show the number of the events created as per the categories
  • Adding comments on the events created
  • Functionality to mark the client as “abuse” was included to curb junk data/event
  • Functionality of adding a customer and setting the status of the customer
  • Configuring the event as a “Visible” event or “Invisible event”
  • Option of setting the date till which the event would be shown publically
  • Option of setting the status of the event as “Private” or “Public”
  • Client can also reactive an event if it is deleted or not active


  • Tracking of event made easy by our application
  • Advance filtering option making it easy for Client to see the details about the specific events that he wants to.
  • Location tracking via Map making easy for client to locate the location where the event has occurred
  • A one-stop destination for the total events created based on category with the integration of “My statistics” page.
  • French language support made it easy for the user to use the web application
  • Cross-platform application support so that client can create an event at there fingertips

Technology Stack