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Cloud Transport Solution

Get a well defined cloud-based solution for transport companies

About Client

Client is managing a startup specialized in Fintech. They offer electronic payment solutions to African SMEs. & till date developed several digital solutions to boost business productivity for the sake of optimization.




Client wanted to build a cloud-based solution for transport companies with focus to three key aspects which are Sell, Manage and Grow. Sell would be selling shipments and more. Manage would have features like integrated fleet management route stops and trips, Ticket categories and tariffs, Dashboards and more.

Technical Objective

  • Setting Up the transport company in just few mins and with basic information.
  • Managing the components like Shipments, Parking and Tickets.
  • Designing the seating model for buses along with Bus Creation on the models.
  • Managing the details for Stations, Garages, Warehouses, and Vendors.
  • Managing the purchase orders, Procurement request from warehouses
  • Expense Management at company level.
  • Managing Routes, Stops, Trips with trip recurrence facilities
  • Managing Company Employees along with their payrolls and paycheck generation facility.
  • Options for Companywide Discounts.
  • Managing the Users Based on Different roles and the Company statistics based on the Plans and Subscription which are configurable from the admin portal application.
  • Selling the Tickets along with seat selection and calculating dynamic fares based on the ticket conditions with multiple emails and SMS based notifications on successful bookings.
  • Selling the Shipments with the facility to add the boxes on the shipments and then calculating the tariff for the shipment dynamically and printing the Shipment box tags to be pasted to the boxes along with receipts printing.
  • Selling the parking spaces for motorbikes and cars with generating parking tags and dynamic fare calculation based on the parking allocation and deallocation.
  • Accepting the Payments in different variations like Cash and Mobile Money.


  • Azure cloud-based Enterprise System – so that the company owners can manage the companies’ day and night.
  • Android Mobile App Powered by robust REST API architected and deployed over Azure
  • Rich Web application design with complete responsiveness.
  • Uploaded a Job for Recurring the Trips for all the companies
  • Setting up a Business with some essential data based on No of Stations
  • Register Management – Creating and Managing the Registers of required duration by linking the Drivers to the registers at station level.
  • Stations- Creating and Managing multiple stations
  • Seating models and Buses – To set up a different seating models of a bus and maintaining the bus details and assignment of staff to the bus
  • Insurance and Maintenance of Bus periodically
  • Other hardware management
  • Vendors – To associate with the bus spare parts
  • Creating and managing the Routes and Trips
  • Reports – extensive reports generation along with CSV and PDF exports- Which included reports for Trips, Top Passengers, Sales, Unearned revenue, Staff and Trip Details Report with some of the important filters which included
    1. Date Range
    2. Route
    3. Cashier
  • Analytics – dashboard with key business statistics and trends to identify bottlenecks in seconds
  • Employee module to Manage the Employee details and paycheck generation
  • Plan subscription Management functionality
  • Rights management based on permission given to different roles for different modules.
  • Maintaining the Warehouse, spare parts and mapping between both.
  • Procurement of spare parts to maintain its stock
  • Different Administrative options including Garage, Shipment and Ticket classes and conditions.
  • Allow cashier to access the register using secure pin.
  • Driver, cashier, baggage handler able to access the system from the android mobile app to call the API and update the status on trips, Baggage, Shipments etc.


  • Registering and running the company with a few clicks and information allowing to generate revenue is next hour.
  • With the integration of dashboard, every information was available for the administrator and supervisor at one glance
  • Keeping track of each and every trip, route and bus was made easy
  • Allocation of registers to cashier made the work execution very smooth
  • Booking the ticket was fast and easy.
  • Management of Bus maintenance made easy
  • Options for managing parking spaces for companies
  • Easy Management for shipments with formula-based calculation for the shipment boxes.
  • Printing receipts and shipment labels through printer

Technology Stack