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Cloud POS System

Buliding a retail management system for every sector of retail businesses

About Client

Client wanted to build a retail management system for every sector of retail businesses with focus to three key aspects which are Sell, Manage and Grow.




Sell would be a Point of sale module for merchants. Manage would have feature like integrated inventory Management, Customer Management, Retail Accounting including expenses and payroll processing, Dashboards, and various reports. It should allow printing receipts by integrating various printer models and so on.

Technical Objective

  • A SaaS based application on Cloud to allow multiple merchants around the world to work on the same platform
  • Allow merchants to register a store with quick and simple steps
  • Analysis of Revenue, Expenses and Product sales
  • Inventory management of products including bulk import
  • Maintaining branch wise registers
  • Placing and maintaining orders with discounts
  • Maintaining employee details and paychecks
  • Generating reports
  • Roles based access permissions
  • Different subscriptions as per plans


  • Azure cloud-based application used via web by all the merchants running there stores day and night.
  • Xamarin Mobile App for Android and IOS Platform Powered by robust REST API architected and deployed over Azure
  • Rich Web Level Interface for the whole application completely responsive to be mobile friendly running of Asp.Net Core 1.1 with Code First approach and PostgreSQL database.
  • Setting up a store with some essential data based on business type and no. of branches
  • Products – Maintain the products of various categories along with its other details like cost, sales prices, minimum stock level, barcode, branch wise inventory etc.
  • Restocking of products and making the procurement request for the products.
  • Vendors and Manufacturers – To associate with the products
  • Reports – extensive reports generation along with CSV and PDF exports- Which included reports for Sales, Products, Employees, Customers, Most sold, Total Orders, Product Inventory, Low Stock Products, Business performance Report with some of the important filters which included
    1. Date range
    2. Cashier
    3. Selecting branch
  • Analytics – dashboard with key business statistics and trends to identify bottlenecks in seconds
  • Employee module to manage employee details and paycheck generation
  • Plan subscription management functionality for managing the complete store business
  • Rights management based on permission given to different roles for different modules.
  • Customer- To have a record of customers of the Store and associating them with the profiles based on their Demographic Information and Life Style & Hobbies
  • Different administrative options including Branches, Expenses, Customer Profiling, Discounts etc.
  • Allow cashier to access the register using secure pin.
  • Ordering the product as per required quantity by applying any of different available discounts
  • Saving the order as incomplete to process order later


  • Registering and Running the Store with a few clicks and information allowing to generate revenue is next hour.
  • With the integration of dashboard, every information was available for the admin and supervisor at one glance
  • Keeping track of each and every order was made easy
  • Inventory Management branch wise made easy
  • Allocation of Registers to cashier made the work execution very smooth
  • Keeping Track of Low stock product helped the merchants to plan his inventory accordingly
  • Ordering the product by scanning barcode helped the client to order the product without manual entering a code and made the order processing faster.
  • Cash and Mobile payment methods helped to handle the order payment in all possible ways.
  • Maintaining the Customer Feedback through feedback form helped the client to improve
  • Generating Receipt through printer helped customer to verify their orders and keep the bill

Technology Stack