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Cargo Space Rental System

Export your stuff with transparency of tracking and get notified at each stage

About Client

Client is from Australia, a community marketplace where people can list, discover, and book space in shipping containers from carriers or logistics providers




The client was looking forward to develop a Solution which could be treated as a Web portal where people can list, discover and book space in shipping containers from carriers or logistics providers.They only book and pay for what they need in a much more user-friendly,accessible way.This application would help the consumers to export their stuff using only the space they want with clear transparency of tracking and receiving notification at each stage.

Technical Objective

  • Design & develop a web portal for the making the shipping solutions more smooth.
  • To create an application using the latest technology i.e. ASP.Net Core, EF core (Code First Approach) with no dependency on either the database location or the system where the application will run for the project in runnable state.
  • Identifying Database objects – Exploring the database provided, identifying the tables and its columns from where data was fetched.
  • Manage and edit Guest details, bookings and availability.
  • Management of Customers and their bookings via Admin Panel.
  • Customers should be able to book their space by adding various filters based on price range, number of rooms, number of beds, etc.


PSSPL has designed a solution so that the client can manage all the different entities at a single place, who are involved in the system i.e. the shippers, the carries and the application admin to keep a watch on everything. Some of the features that we included were as follows
  • Ability to create profile so that user can book a shipping space with that profile
  • Email confirmation post successful creation of profile
  • Easy search for listing with different filter option such as date, height, width etc
  • Booking an existing space by selecting the Cargo Category, selecting the payment information and other basic details
  • Escrow payment gateway was integrated for payment purpose
  • Review System – Where user can give the review for the shipper . They can rate the shipper out of a five-scale rating.
  • Dashboard Integration – Wherein all the critical account information was available at a glance
  • Shipper had an option of approving / rejecting the bookingsShipper had an option of approving / rejecting the bookings
  • User can change their account to shipper, which will go through a verification process
  • Messaging Functionality where carriers and consumer can communicate regarding there shipment and other queries


  • Smoothening the process for shipping packages with minimal efforts.
  • Clear transparency on shipping your items, with only using the space as per the size of the package.
  • Searching the right carrier based on ratings given to them.
  • Creating a closed knit community based on the working experience.
  • Sending the latest update to the customers for their package.

Technology Stack