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Azure Subscription

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About Client

An in-house application developed by Prakash Software Solutions for managing azure subscription




Taking up “Mobile First Cloud First” with high transformation perspective, there is a huge potential to extend it to “Mobile Cloud First” – a dimension of solutions where cloud management and analytics are availed on mobile platform -  So to keep track of Azure subscriptions we developed this application 

Technical Objective

  •  Implement REST API based solution that leverages Azure programmability. 
  • Implement IOS Application that consumes the built REST API to enable Azure programmability based feature values on mobile platforms. 


  • Dashboard wherein you can select Azure accounts and all the details would auto populate 
  • Prediction with Credit detail based on the date selected by the user 
  • All the subscription would be displayed under one roof 
  • Daily Trend Analysis with the help of graph 
  • Resource-based credits stat based on the date selected by the user 
  • Activate /Disable/Delete azure accounts 
  • Subscription-based Resources details with the status of each one of them 
  • Following Reports were included 
    • Mail Box usage detail 
    • Connection by client type 
    • Connection by client type detail 
    • CsP2PAV Time 
  • Notifications for total credits remaining 


  • All Azure subscription details resided under one roof  
  • Better resource management  
  • Nice UI makes easy for the user easy to use the application

Technology Stack