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Automation of Video Encoding

Automate your encoding process with a few clicks

About Client

An educational nonprofit introducing seekers to the contemplative Christian path of transformation in USA




Client seeks to empower individuals to live out their sacred soul tasks in service to the world through contemplative programs and resources. Client already had around 8000 videos in azure Storage account and he want to encode the same and create transcript for all the video

Technical Objective

  • Encoding the videos
  • Creating the transcript of the video


We created azure function to automate the encoding process wherein if any video is uploaded to azure storage account and it is automatically encoded via azure media service. There are 2 types of encoding available(Standard and Premium). We have used standard Encoding for video on demand with adaptive bit rate streaming.We also integrated an option of creating Indexing/Transcription for closed captioning and keywords.The files that are created in either SAML, TTML and WEBVTT format.


Automatic encoding saved efforts of client to encoding each and every video manually

Technology Stack