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APNR-Camera Integration

Access all your camera data from anywhere, anytime

About Client

Client working with UK need to scale the capabilities of data collected by APNR cameras




Client wanted application that enables him to come out of the manual labor required in current approach of fetching the data from camera-to procure the required data from the APNR cameras

Technical Objective

  • Download the data from specific cameras.
  • Storing the IP Address of camera
  • Making a system that would be able to handle bulk data /Large amount of data.


The system primarily comprises of a Windows Desktop Application and a workstation-based database system that provide below functionalities
  • A download screen from where all the data is being downloaded with the option to download new data
  • Camera List Screen which will list all the available camera and user would also be able to add new camera
  • Profile list screen which would enlist total number of downloads with that particular profile
  • Different download option which includes
    1. Download vehicle number plates and time /date
    2. Download only survey fields
    3. Download json file
    4. Number Plate – An image of the vehicle would be downloaded


All the data was stored at one place and was made accessible any time.

Technology Stack