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Ambulance Scheduling Application

Scalable solution to manage more transport on timelines of individual vehicles

About Client

Client is based in Germany providing Medical Transportation Services




The client was giving support of transportation to patients and hospital. He already had the tool developed but he needed a scalable solution. The client needed a solution to manage more transport on timelines of Individual vehicles by getting the stats from the history of performance done by the medium   

Technical Objective

  • A highly Scalable solution in terms of adding Ambulance 
  • Only the data that was required /Important was to be displayed on the screen   
  • The client had a specific set of requirements such as colour when it came to UI so we had to design a solution specific to that requirement  


  • The solution was designed based on simple drag and drop elements
  • Analysis of ambulance efficiency where we are displaying deviation, on schedule and workload 
  • Timeline based display of ambulance availability – the Whole timeline of 0 to 24H is divided into 15mins slots and the user can only allocate transport to an ambulance during their duty time
  • Categorization of the ambulance was possible, determining whether it’s a heavy, Urgent, Contiguous transport 
  • Color-based display of whether the ambulance traveled from source address to the destination address without any passenger (Whether the ambulance was empty) 
  • Easy denotation for a special type of ambulances by displaying a “STAR” symbol with them
  • Ambulance characteristics was displayed on Hover of mouse
  • Client can change allocation of the already scheduled transport to another slots 
  • Transport list can be filtered according to their types 


  • Scalability in terms of adding ambulances was not an Issue anymore
  • New UX enabled easy tracking of the Ambulance 
  •  Percentage display of different ambulance/driver parameter made it easy for the User to get a glance of that ambulance  

Technology Stack