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Get your Native iOS Application designed with us

About Client

It has been caring for older Australians in NSW for nearly 70 years




  • Customer is a multi-site organization (19 sites) and wanted to create a contact list which users can drill down to specific site information or department information. In total they needed up to 3 levels of drill down.  The information in this list needs to be stored in a SharePoint 2013 list which drives the site data. This will allow both easy editing of data and give them the ability to connect into this data source from other sites/software. 
  • They were looking for a modern jQuery look and feel using Metro tiles for each site. Each click of the tile needs to expand the below information without requiring a page refresh (eg the information slides out).  

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an Native iOS Application as per the requirements of the client.
  • Fetching all the data from the first time from the documents uploaded and storing it locally in a database.


  • We created a jQuery based solution that used SharePoint’s REST APIs in order to fetch data from SharePoint list.  
  • Metro view is created that will show tiles for each department that will show names of each department’s manager’s name. Click on each tile in order to see employee’s metadata as well as subordinates of that particular employee.


  • Easy to manage underlying data in SharePoint list.  
  • Light weight solution which loads faster and does not reload the page for further details.
  • Reusable on SharePoint 2013 / 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  • Easy and quick access of information of any employee in the organization. Print function to print the details in printer friendly format.  

Technology Stack