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Account Payable System

Automate your accounts payable activities

About Client

Account Payable System




Client wanted to automate their Accounts Payable activities starting from registering an invoice to making an actual payment.
  • Registering an invoice with all details including line items
  • Approval workflow depending on the invoice amount
  • Handy task list for all staff for their tasks
  • Accounting team can easily export data and work on them and import back into application
  • An interface with third party accounting application named SAGE
  • Automatic reminders to team about pending approvals
  • Recurring invoice generation automatically based on selected recurrence
  • Easy to manage users and permissions

Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an Native iOS Application as per the requirements of the client.
  • Fetching all the data from the first time from the documents uploaded and storing it locally in a database.


  • Web based cloud solution
  • Integrated with existing Office 365 infrastructure and Azure
  • Office Add-in developed on Microsoft technology stack leveraging Azure
  • Email notification function to send approval reminders
  • Automatically creating recurring invoice based on schedule defined
  • Mobile responsive design to support all devices
  • Single sign on to work with existing O365 accounts


  • No paper work required
  • Time to process an invoice has reduced drastically
  • No missing payments
  • Complete tracking of all invoices
  • Audit trail of all approvals and tasks

Technology Stack