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Video Player System

Web-based solution of video player within your reach

About Client

Video Player System




Client needed a web base solution of video player for viewing the video, manage video quality as per available resolution, functionality of sharing a video, maintain the video details logs in Database (video status, watch count, browser use for the viewing the video, getting IP address of the machine). 

Technical Objective

  • Short URL integration 
  • Implement Video Player 
  • Manage Video details 
  • Manage Quality and Share video  


  • We divided the project into 2 easy sprints for better execution of project  
  • Below are two different modules: 
    1. Firebase Functions/Triggers in node
    2. Video Player module (Used JWplayer) – Node and
  • For Module(a)
    1. In Module(a) stored video’s path. One video has two quality path one is high quality and another one is low quality 
    2. We convert Long video URL in short URL using 
    3. Added Short code in video URL using that short code we got video sources from DB
  • For Module(b) 
    1. We created template for player using HTML/CSS 
    2. Using node and manage to connect DB with firebase 
    3.  Get short code from URL and using that get all information of video (Like video sources, name and so on…) 
    4. For video operation (play, share, quality manage) use JWplayer. 
    5. Video history and video status managed is managed by this module 


  • Play Videos with Different quality 
  • Share videos with different social platform 
  • Store Video history details in firebase Db (ex – IP address from video played, location, browser related stuff and so on…)  
  • Store video status means video how much watched and store also video watch count DB

Technology Stack