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Business/ Real-Estate

We have created a module for an existing iOS and below were the challenges



About Client



Business/ Real-Estate


  • The client was looking to bring his real-estate online, and provide apps to the existing web portal.

    To bring a business real estate business online, it is important to have a strong web presence. One way to achieve this is by providing apps to existing web portal users. The apps can be designed to provide a range of functionalities to users such as property search, property valuation, virtual tours, property management, mortgage calculators, and more.

    The apps could thus provide a range of functionalities, generate more leads, and offer personalized experiences to users, all of which can help in building a strong web presence and growing the business.

  • We helped the client with an app that could:
    • Create ads instantly
    • Create and place your real estate ad directly on the site.
    • Change ad status
    • Change the status of your ads at any time.
    • Edit an advertisement
    • Found a mistake, you can edit your ads.
    • Sorting function
    • Are you a broker and have a lot of properties? Use the handy sorting function to get to the right display.


  • Design and develop a module for an existing iOS application as per the requirements of the client.
  • Fetching all the data for the first time from the web server via APIs and storing it locally in a database.


  • We utilized Objective C and Xcode to build a new module that meets the customer’s specifications.
  • Our team created a user-friendly interface to provide users with a clear understanding of the application and enable easy usage.
  • PSSPL Solutions assisted the client in taking their business online, and the mobile app was designed to offer access to all its features.

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