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MD Desk Letter

Jul - Sep (2020-2021)

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you all that PSSPL a flagship company of Prakash Group of Companies has completed 22 years of its journey as a ‘learning organization’.

With 200+ satisfied customers globally we are providing services in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM/ERP, and services such as digital transformation, product engineering, SaaS, cloud development & adoption, rich internet application, custom mobile app development, validation & verification, and much more. Our main area of focus is business application development and architectural development, providing solutions & helping customers in their digital transformation journey.

We are delivering high-quality code and expertise that is dedicated to scalable software solutions and products. We are not just another software company; we are logical thinkers who drive businesses with solutions to their problems. We are about the New Age, and we are about your Future.

“Every-day comes with new hope, a new beginning, and a new normal.”

This year the world has witnessed a drastic change transforming our outlook. It feels like we are living in a completely different era.
COVID-19 has had a far-reaching impact globally, from human life to society to economy in all aspects. Yet amidst all, we have seen some outstanding examples of innovation, motivation, solidarity, and the human spirit.

Today everything has gone online from our work to schools to buying medicines, groceries, clothing, etc. When the pandemic evoked, we at PSSPL had two main priorities the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and the business continuity of our clients. Thanks to Cloud Technology and excellent support from our employees we facilitated work-from-home for all and still are continuing the same. We are delighted to say that we could excel in our client expectations with continuous efforts, seamless delivery, and data security protocols.

We have received many emails from the clients as appreciation letters, praising the work done by our teammates during these tough times. It gives me an immense sense of pride to have such an outstanding team to be a part of our PSSPL family.
We as a team continue to concentrate on becoming a future-ready, resilient, and agile company.

Quarter 2

For the last quarter (July to Sept 2020) on Quarterly basis, we had achieved a remarkable 25% sales growth.

In these tough times, when companies are struggling to pay their employees and some have even closed down, at PSSPL we had timely appraisals for all our employees.

In these pandemic times, we could generate new anchor customers and received steady revenue from our existing clients.

In line with our vision statement to be a learning organization, we have developed expertise in BOT, PowerShell, and Power Automate.


I feel that lockdown amidst pandemic has brought us all a little more close. We all are working towards building a sustainable future where all can access the opportunities and advantages shaped by technology.

Daily updates over calls, scrum meetings, interactions over chats, enjoying fun games on weekends have helped people to mitigate the feeling of isolation.

For productivity, the time saved on a daily commute is translating into increased energy and better engagement.


For us, our employees are the most valuable asset and reflect our brand, spirit, strength, and future-readiness. We are seeking to onboard the growth seekers to be a part of our learning organization and let us excel together.

You can visit to know about our current openings.

At the End

Innovation and transformation are the keys to success for any organization. And they are going to be their post-pandemic too.

In my opinion, different sectors will perform and grow at a different percentage, but technology will always remain at the forefront.

We see a lot of opportunities awaiting us as a tech company to design and develop meaningful solutions to mitigate the growing demands of various sectors. We have furthermore announced work from home for our team-mates till the end of November and we are committed to provide real-time solutions to our worldwide customers.

Best wishes to all the stakeholders for the upcoming quarter.

Best Wishes,

Hardik Shah