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Customized Solutions for an Event Management Firm

Customized solution for your events

About Client

Customized Solutions for an Event Management firm for Registrations, Hotels, Flights, Activities, onboarding + other seamless features




Develop solutions like SAP and other proprietary customized solutions to manage registrations, hotels, flights, activities, onboarding and provide them seamless experience during their business meetings and conferences + added business-friendly features and functions.

Technical Objective

  • Implement management for Hotel, Flight, Activity. Assignments of Flight, Activity Participant.
  • Participant Import/Export, Email templates management.
  • Automate emails, Reports, Roles, and permissions management.
  • Website builder kind of solution to manage participants for events.
  • Manage Participants Custom Fields, Guests coming with participants, Multilingual forms, theming, events, Agents, Translations.


  • Using iOS we developed an app as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Created a user-friendly interface through which users could get a clear idea about the entire app and use it easily.
  • Collected all data via API at once, including language settings, and document list, to give the customer the best experience possible when using the app.
  • With a simple button, the customer can upload all the necessary documents and it saved a lot of time, money, and energy.

Technology Stack