Online Food Ordering App

Online food ordering is easier and more convenient! The app aims to serve customers online. Our client was one of the leading multi-cuisine restaurants in Uganda.


Business Need

(1) Online food ordering methods are getting increasingly popular as technology advances. This is because they cater to the ever-increasing desire for persuasion. The primary goal of an online ordering system is to allow customers to make restaurant orders over the internet.

(2) The customer approached PSSPL with a desire to build an online food ordering app that could help him with:

  • Easy and pleasant customer experience
  • No restrictions on audience targeting
  • Increase customer retention by creating a visible brand
  • Remote areas can order

(3) We designed an app with the following features:

  • Make our order unique (According to your needs)
  • Insert New Coupons
  • Get good bargains
  • Delicious menu with a wide range of options
  • Look for your favorite food.
  • Pre-order
  • Simple Login
  • Make a payment online
  • Keep track of your order
  • Reserve a table
  • Get notifications

(4) This app helped customers to get meals from their favorite restaurants with a single swipe on their iPhone.

PSSPL Solution

  • Using Swift, Xcode, and Stripe Payment we developed an app as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Created a user-friendly interface through which users could get a clear idea about the entire app and use it easily.
  • The customer begins by selecting a restaurant, scanning the menu options, selecting an item, and then deciding whether to pick up or have it delivered.
  • Payment is then made via credit card or debit card via the app or website, or in cash at the restaurant when picking up the order.


  • One of the most important advantages of having this mobile app is flexibility. Customers' ordering experiences are simplified with a mobile app, and it also assisted the client to minimize lineups and increase productivity.
  • The client benefitted as the customers who ordered through the app spent more because they have more time to consider their options.
  • The client could manage orders more accurately and efficiently.
  • The restaurant loyalty programs aid in client retention and increase repeat business.


Technical Objective

  • Design and develop an online food ordering application as per the requirements of the client
  • As per the customer’s order, save them and process them.