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Identity Management Solution

Manage the IT identity for internal as well as external users

About Client

Identity Management Solution

IT Consultant



  • The Client had a need to manage the IT identity for internal as well as external users, like Consultants, Temporary employees, Vendors, Suppliers, Customers, etc.   
  • UMSolution (UMS) is a Role Based Identity Management tool through which organization can control user’s corporate IT identity according to Roles (Job Function), IT Security rules, and compliance.  

Technical Objective

UMS is an efficient and financially effective solution which enables the organization to add, change and terminate users across all infrastructure, hardware and applications.  

The objectives of implementing UMS are:  


UMS enables the company to fully administer user access rights from an easy-to-use and user friendly interface based on users’ job function (role).   


UMS introduces a secured structure that enables the organization to maintain control over access of documents within the organization driven by strict policy implementation.  


UMS enables the business to meet regulatory demands of CoBit, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), Euro-SOX and other related frameworks. UMS will secure World-Class compliance in relation to user and access management.


UMS will transfer the burden of user management from highly-skilled IT professionals to administrative personnel – supported by management approval workflows.   


  • UMS is based on Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS 2007) and enable non-technical personnel to administer user’s access to company information systems and applications.   
  • UMS is supported by approval workflows and Separation of Duties functionality (SoD) which allows e.g. financial and biotech industry to use this on regulated areas. Furthermore it gives a full audit track of all actions taken.  
  • The SoD and audit track function will enable your business to meet the compliance demands of e.g. SOX, FDA, BASEL II and other frameworks


  • With UMS you can control user’s corporate identity according to Role Based Access Control  
  • UMSolution supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Active directory, Ole db and LDAP compliant systems. As UMSolution is SharePoint based, it can also be customized to use the sign on facility you are currently using for your intranet solution.   
  • This is good news for both management and IT team members. Management can now utilize their costly technical professionals to productive task instead of rights and identity management which should be a routine part of general administration.  

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